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Cell Phone and tablet repair

Technician with Broken Screen

Screen Replacement

Trust in our screen replacement service to provide you with exceptional results. Our skilled professionals disassemble your device, install a high-quality replacement screen, and ensure your phone is fully functional before reassembling it. Our commitment to excellence and utilization of proper tools guarantees satisfaction and a superior level of service.

Cll phone battery.png

Battery Replacement

We pride ourselves on using only the top-of-the-line batteries that are available in the market. This guarantees that you will not encounter any battery-related issues that could hinder your daily phone usage, and that you can remain confident in your phone's reliability and longevity. Our commitment to quality ensures that your phone's battery will perform optimally, enabling you to stay connected and productive throughout the day.


Charge Port Replacement

Our company is dedicated to using only premium charge ports in our repair services. This ensures that the charge port will seamlessly integrate with your device and operate at its full potential. By exclusively utilizing premium parts, we guarantee that your device will function optimally, providing you with a seamless and reliable user experience.

At Wired, we recognize the importance of mobile devices in daily life. We maintain an extensive inventory of iPhone and Samsung components to expedite repairs and minimize disruption. Our mission is to ensure you stay connected with minimal downtime.

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