This page provides basic information about each of the Mason's settings which can be changed using the web-based configuration pages. See the Mason user manual for full details.
Access Control

This section is used to specify the user name and password which is required to enter the Mason IP Configuration pages. When you first setup your Mason, the user name and password will not be set.

Video Outputs Setting

Resolution - Normally you would select the highest resolution that your TV/monitor supports.

Screen Shape - Specifies whether you have a widescreen or standard shape TV, and wheter to use Pan & Scan or Letterboxing when fitting a wide movie on a standard TV.

Digital Video - Specifies the video format for the digital input of your TV. If you are using an adapter to connect to a HDMI input, be sure to select HDMI (some newer TVs with DVI inputs also require this setting; choose the setting which gives the best results.)

Note: Choosing SDI disables the DVI output of the MasonIP.

Overscan - On CRT monitors, part of the image is usually obscured by the frame. Selecting 'overscan' will cause the Mason to slightly shrink everything so it will fit better on the screen.

Picture Controls - The Mason allows you to use the remote control to adjust the color, contrast and brightness of the image. You can disable these adjustments if you prefer.

Audio Output Settings

Digital Outputs - Specifies what data is sent out of the digital audio ports. Choose pass-through if you are using an external decoder (typically a receiver with built-in Dolby and DTS).

Volume Control - The Mason's remote can be used to adjust the output sound level, or you can choose to disable this feature (recommended if you are using an external decoder.)

Network Settings

This section specifies the network address of the Mason IP itself. These settings can also be made directly on the Mason using the remote control. If you change the network settings and then click the 'Save' button, you will be disconnected from the web configuration pages. You will need to enter the new address into your browser to continue.

Media Server Settings

This page allows you to specify up to eight servers and/or mount points which contain your media files. Mason can connect to Windows (SMB), Linix/Unix (NFS), and HTTP servers.

Alias - The Mason allows you to specify a 'friendly' name for each server. This name will be used when navigating and selecting items on the Mason. (ie instead of seeing the name of a server as nfs://, you could give it the alias name 'DVDs' and Mason will always refer to it by that name.)

Screen Saver

To help prevent burn-in on your TV, the Mason has a built-in screen saver function. You can specify how long it should wait before activating, and whether you want it to display a moving logo, or simply blank the screen. (on Energy Star monitors, choosing blanking to allow the monitor to sleep).

Parental Controls

Some DVDs utilize a system to limit access to material that might be objectionable to certain viewers. You can enable this feature by entering a restriction level and access code. Then when you play a DVD with such restrictions, you will be asked to enter the code using the remote control before playback will proceed.

Region Setting

Set the region code you want to simulate. The default is 'All Regions'.

Preferred Language

Select the preferred language for menus, subtitles and audio tracks.

Resume Function

If you turn the Mason off using the remote control, it can remember where you left off and start up again in the same place. This works whether you were watching a movie or browsing the library. Alternately, you can set the Mason to display the main level of the Library directory when you turn it on. (If you turn the Mason on/off with the back panel power switch, it always starts at the main level of the Library.)

On-screen Info

Turn this 'on' to see on-screen indicators when you change playback mode (ie play, pause, etc). Turn it off to prevent these indicators from showing during playback.

Filtering & Sorting

This a very useful feature that causes Mason to ignore 'a' and 'the' at the beginning of file names. (i.e. a movie called 'The Greatest Movie Ever' would be listed with movies begining with 'G', and not grouped with everything starting with 'The'.)

Zoom Presets

The Mason has four zoom levels which can be selected in rotation using the 'zoom' button on the remote control. You can specify the horizontal and vertical zoom percentages for three of the four settings.This is typically used to stretch standard format movies horizontally to fill a wide screen, or to enlarge a non-anamorphic letterboxed movie to fill a wide TV. Values between 50% and 200% are acceptable.

Reset to Defaults

This button will reset the Mason to factory default settings. All your settings will be erased. The Video resolution will revert to 480p for DVI and component outputs and NTSC (480i) for s-video and composite outputs. The network settings will revert to After a reset you will need to use the remote control to set the IP addresss of the Mason before you can resume using the Web Configuration pages.